So the dream catchers are now up for sale on my Etsy. From now until December 1st they will be 5$ each and all of the proceeds will be going to the victims of Hurricane Yolanda in the Philippines. After the first they will be 15$ each but 5$ of each dream catcher will still be donated to United way. Also, I will be donating 5$ for each item sold on my Etsy.

The money I make off the dream catchers will now be donated to United Way instead of UNICEF. I was currently informed that UNICEF only donates 14 cents of each dollar to the cause. United Way is considered gold star of non profits because 85% goes to the cause and when you donate for disaster relief 100% gets passed through.

So please please help out! Do a small good deed and reward yourself with a dream catcher. Hehehe.

You can now purchase them at:


I have currently sold 17 dream catchers which is equivalent to 85$ worth of donations!! Yaay, I’m so excited.

(Thank you Hillary for informing me about UNICEF, I’m glad you are working for a great organization like United Way. Xo)

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